2018 Satsang

2018 Satsang

This gathering at Juniper Level Botanic Garden is for ardent pilgrims ready to grok the illusory nature and appearance of the personal self. What is appearing and not appearing is aware presence, just this, here, now. There is nothing to be gained through self-inquiry, only concepts and beliefs to drop. What is is all there is and isn’t.

Optional reading:

Perfect Brilliant Stillness – David Carse

Headless Way – Douglas Harding

I Am That – Nisargardatta Maharaj

Jenny and I facilitate this group self-inquiry. No charge.  .

Please send us a note by email to if you are joining us for the first time to see if an open seat is available, or if you need directions.

Tentative dates – subject to change.  Self-inquiry group held at Anita’s botanic garden unless noted at Jenny’s.

Dates for 2018 Self-Inquiry Group

2:00pm – 3:30pm

Jan 13 – Jenny

Feb 10 – Anita

Mar 10 – Jenny

April 14 – Anita

May 12 – Jenny

Jun 16 – Anita

Jul 21 – Jenny

Aug 18 – Anita

Sep 22 – Jenny

Oct 13 – Anita – canceled

Nov 10 – Jenny