2021 Self Inquiry Group – Update

Update: Satsangs will return October 2021 for in-person meetings for fully vaccinated attendees.  Your Vaccine Card will get you in the door at Anita’s Juniper Level Botanic Garden.  We will gather in the Education Center, the two-story white house at the entrance to the gardens. Our October 16, 2021 satsang will be held in the first-floor classroom.  … Continue reading

Lankavatara Sutra

You must have a clear understanding that all things are only a manifestation of the mind itself. Everything, everything in this world is nothing but a complex manifestation of one’s mental activities. – Lankavatara Sutra The Lankavatara Sutra figured prominently in the development of Chinese, Tibetan and Japanese Buddhism. It is notably an important sutra in Chan… Continue reading