A Me in the World
A Me in the World

A Me in the World

Have you ever questioned what’s looking through your eyes or what exactly is appearing? I’m not referring to your name, age, or address as these are descriptors about you. I’m asking if you have explored the nature of what you are.

I’ve come to realize that the brain and mind create stories about what is appearing and put us at the center of these stories. I now realize we’ve all been programmed since babyhood to believe we are separate…to have a name, an address, and a specific location in the world. We believe there is a world out there…outside-of-us. This outside-of-us world includes the people, places, and things we believe we are perceiving with our visual and auditory organs and our master processing organ, the brain.

Image by Sand Crain @sandcrain

Most of us humans believe we are born with a separate and unique consciousness, a personal consciousness within us – as us. The Perennial Wisdom Teachings offered by the sages and enlightened beings across all ages and cultures write that this is not what we are.

Getting closer to the Truth is all about our changing or eliminating our limiting beliefs and perspectives. For instance, there is no actual physical separation of reality into subjects and objects…it only appears so because this is what we have been taught. Quantum physics makes clear that this assumed separation into this or that is not what is actually happening in the universe.

But if this is all you have ever known, then how would you know any differently? Indeed, the consensus view that all objects are separate is reinforces by a relative language that encourages separation into this and that.