Appearing Real

This life appears so real and tangible when we believe “we” are a subject, a separate self, observing or seeing what is appearing as “other” or objects. There is no separation between “what is seeing” and “what is appearing to be seen” unless you are claiming and living as an imaginary personal or separate self…. Continue reading


The first time I heard that a belief in a personal self was the root cause of all suffering I could hardly breathe. That’s just blasphemy, right? How could I not be a separate person?  Life to me feels tangible.  My hand moves towards my face and makes contact with my skin.  Am I not… Continue reading

Thinking About Thoughts

When we begin to soften, to let go a bit, and perceive with an attitude and lens of not-knowing, we ease into vulnerability, rawness, and a willingness to meet and greet what is appearing instead of living in our mental processes of thinking, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, memories, and imaginings.  A deeper understanding of what is… Continue reading

Glossary of Terms

Absolute – The ineffable, invisible, and intelligent presence or reality that every spiritual tradition calls the Absolute. Beyond relativity; not measurable; without any identity; not relational; indivisible; transcendent, immanent; containing no limitations, exists in every place, at all times simultaneously. Awakening – The initial falling away of the beliefs and concepts of a personal or separate self…. Continue reading

Can I Awaken?

I believed I could experience awakening.  Bart Marshall, my teacher, set me straight and let me know awakening is uncaused and spontaneous…appearing to no one and beyond the beliefs of time and space. Perhaps like me, you believe, or you want to believe, you can experience awakening…but you cannot…but this doesn’t stop seekers from longing to awaken… Continue reading

Always Inside Presence

For more than 25 years I suffered through daily panic attacks, agoraphobia, depression, learning disabilities, addictions, and more, you get the gist.  This website describes the profound healing I experienced once learned to get out of my own way. There is an infinite intelligence, cosmic love and mystery available to each of right here, right… Continue reading