Appearing Real

This life appears so real and tangible when we believe “we” are a subject, a separate self, observing or seeing what is appearing as “other” or objects. There is no separation between “what is seeing” and “what is appearing to be seen” unless you are claiming and living as an imaginary personal or separate self.

You’ve never been separate, distinct, and tangible. Notice the brain/mind  rise up and strongly protest these words. Of course, this is to be expected as the brain is wired to be self-referential – keeping you believing you are a separate person living in time and space in a real world of subjects and objects.

What you are, what I am, is unspeakable,indescribable, and beyond words. And yet not even nothing actually exists, has ever existed…only appearances of awareness/consciousness dancing and playing as this appearing and disappearing dreamscape.

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