TAT Retreat Sept 11-12, 2021

I’m passing along this announcement for the upcoming TAT virtual retreat.  I’ll be there and I hope to see you!    Anita Avent   Love, Friendship, and the Return Home A Virtual TAT Spiritual Retreat Weekend September 11-12 2021 “Intentional self-inquiry is a conscious attempt to get congruent with what life’s trying to do for us…. Continue reading

Caged Thinking

We’re conditioned to perceive life/reality as unfolding inside or outside a person/body. This caged way of perceiving life is held by the vast majority of humans and is the root of all emotional and psychological suffering. It’s been said by many folks, many times…with our thoughts we create our world. This is how the brain/mind… Continue reading

Origin of Nondual Philosophy

Nondual philosophy slowly migrated to the United States as the foundational teachings of many ancient Eastern spiritual practices for perceiving and experiencing a peaceful life. This fundamental foundation includes the teachings of Zen, Tao, Vedanta, and Sufism, along with the mystical Christian teachings of Jesus the Christ, St. John of the Cross, Meister Eckhart, St…. Continue reading

Can I Awaken?

I believed I could experience awakening.  Bart Marshall, my teacher, set me straight and let me know awakening is uncaused and spontaneous…appearing to no one and beyond the beliefs of time and space. Perhaps like me, you believe, or you want to believe, you can experience awakening…but you cannot…but this doesn’t stop seekers from longing to awaken… Continue reading