Who is Wei Wu Wei?

Wei Wu Wei is one of my favorite Perennial Wisdom teachers.  Getting straight to the point, he wastes no time on frills. “Why are you unhappy? Because 99.9 percent of everything you think, and of everything you do, is for yourself—and there isn’t one.”  ― Wei Wu Wei “Disciples and devotees…what are most of them doing?… Continue reading

A Course in Miracles

“An Introduction to A Course in Miracles:  “This Course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way:      Nothing real can be threatened.      Nothing unreal exists. A Course in Miracles – often abbreviated ACIM or simply called the Course – is a complete self-study spiritual thought system. As a three-volume curriculum consisting of a Text, Workbook for Students, and… Continue reading

A Me in the World

Have you ever questioned what’s looking through your eyes or what exactly is appearing? I’m not referring to your name, age, or address as these are descriptors about you. I’m asking if you have explored the nature of what you are. I’ve come to realize that the brain and mind create stories about what is… Continue reading

What is Nonduality?

The teachings of nonduality arrived slowly into the US as the foundational teachings of Zen, Tao, Vedanta, Sufism, along with the mystical Christian teachings of Jesus the Christ, St. John of the Cross, and St. Teresa of Avila. I studied the writings of modern nonduality teachers including Ramana Maharshi, Richard Rose, Wei Wu Wei, Alan… Continue reading