Caged Thinking

We’re conditioned to perceive life/reality as unfolding inside or outside a person/body. This caged way of perceiving life is held by the vast majority of humans and is the root of all emotional and psychological suffering. It’s been said by many folks, many times…with our thoughts we create our world. This is how the brain/mind… Continue reading

Always Inside Presence

For more than 25 years I suffered through daily panic attacks, agoraphobia, depression, learning disabilities, addictions, and more, you get the gist.  This website describes the profound healing I experienced once learned to get out of my own way. There is an infinite intelligence, cosmic love and mystery available to each of right here, right… Continue reading

Describing the Indescribable

Attempting to describe the indescribable points directly to the challenge of using the mind to explore the mind.  I have seen my mind in action and it is like a runaway train of stories, opinions, observations, and a good measure of worthless trivia.  Having seen how the mind functions, especially the thinking mind, I have… Continue reading