Describing the Indescribable
Describing the Indescribable

Describing the Indescribable

Attempting to describe the indescribable points directly to the challenge of using the mind to explore the mind.  I have seen my mind in action and it is like a runaway train of stories, opinions, observations, and a good measure of worthless trivia.  Having seen how the mind functions, especially the thinking mind, I have much more inner peace and acceptance of that is appearing as my life.  I have also seen how the mind claims all my sense perceptions as belonging to a separate and personal me. And this is the root cause of all suffering.

I have been blessed with the gift of seeing beyond the mind and directly into the heart of being.  On this website I will be sharing with you what I have discovered and how you, too, can uncover the freedom from thought.

Most of us ache in our hearts for wholeness, connection, acceptance, and unity what is referred to as Source, Mystery, God, Universe, Omnipotent, Omnipresence, Supreme, Divine, Infinite, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Absolute.

These labels point towards what is indivisible, edgeless, infinite, everywhere, and yet never understood nor comprehended by the human brain’s mental processes. And yet we try over and over to explain and relate to what is not explainable.  We continue to use our heads to attempt to find peace of mind not understanding that the path to deep inner peace and freedom from thought is through the liberating furnace of the Human Heart.

Mostly, we apply our human focus towards an outer Grace, God, or Intelligence which we desire to be in union with us.  We assume this God, Grace, or Intelligence is separate from our being.  I am from a Christian tradition where we asked God for mercy, love, and protection from Sin. Your faith tradition, if you have or had one, may be different, and it does not matter.  What does matter for our purposes here is that you begin to see that the belief you have in being a separate person is the main source of all of your mental, psychological, emotional, and physical suffering.

A regards this naming of this God or Presence, or Absolute Love,   it is beyond our human understanding.  We live in a relative world and words will be able to describe what is Absolute, is Presence as it is beyond relativity, beyond words. The best we can do is to point towards the paradox of not knowing and practice seeing freshly each moment as a toddler sees and perceives from a blank slate which has not been tainted with the residue of the mental processes and knowing.

And it’s not that you let go or lose control. It’s realizing there is no one, no you, there never has been, to hold on or let go, and no one to have or lose control, to fear or to dread, to fall or to sink. Your belief that “you” are a “you” does not make “you” real, it just holds “you” hostage, in vicious circling around an imaginary you.

(c) Anita Avent

This believing in a “you” is holding you separate from the incredible peace, wonder, and love you already are. Letting go…all beliefs, concepts, and stories until there is nothing left to call a you…and there never was a you.

Yes, there is a Mystery and Grace at play here that is beyond human comprehension.  The paradoxical words I type here are not mine nor yours, they are simply breadcrumbs upon a pathless path to freedom and wholeness and the deep peace you already are underneath the incessant mental processes.