Always Inside Presence
Always Inside Presence

Always Inside Presence

(c) Anita White Avent

For more than 25 years I suffered through daily panic attacks, agoraphobia, depression, learning disabilities, addictions, and more, you get the gist.  This website describes the profound healing I experienced once learned to get out of my own way.

There is an infinite intelligence, cosmic love and mystery available to each of right here, right now, that will move us through dark times and episodes of panic and despair.  I call this infinite intelligence “Presence” though there are many names for what cannot be comprehended by a human mind. Of course, there are many names for Presence and here are just a few:

God, Creator, Absolute, Source, Universe, Divine, Oneness, Tao, Spirit, Buddha Nature,  Universal Field, Emptiness, Stillness, Brahman, Pure Awareness and there are other names for this undivided and timeless primal energy.

This website is an offering for you. I now swim in the deep peace that is beyond human understanding and I want to share what I have uncovered with you so you can swim in the unlimited peace, love, and joy already present inside your beautiful heart.

But first, you gotta get out of your head and journey down into your heart. I’ll show you what I found on the path towards the heart. I call these breadcrumbs on the path.  Not original but it works to convey what I am offering you.

If you are like me, at first, these promises feel hidden and distant. I know what it feels like to suffer emotional and physical pain and to want to be anywhere but inside your skin and mental thought stream.

The title of my website is from a comforting phrase from the Sufi Poet Rumi: “…we are always inside presence.” 

The photography, the writings, and the poetry on this website are mine unless otherwise noted.

Do reach out to me if you have any questions or comments about these essays and posts. I truly hope you find some measure of comfort as you glimpse the deep inner peace and healing already alive within you as you spend quiet time with my assurances, the teachings, and the poetry and wisdom of Jesus, Rumi, and the Buddha here on this site.


A Single Brushstroke Down 

(interpretation by Coleman Barks)

Light dawns, and any talk of proof
resembles a blind man’s cane at sunrise.
Remember the passage,
We are with you wherever you are.
Come back to that.
When did we ever leave it?
No matter we’re in a prison of forgetting
or enjoying the banquet of wisdom,
we are always inside presence.
Drunkenly asleep, tenderly awake,
clouded with grief, laughing like lightning,
angry at war, quiet with gratitude, we are nothing
in this many-mooded world of weather
but a single brushstroke down,
speaking of presence.

~ Rumi the Poet