Nondual Teachings Reading List

Excellent books on the science of the mind, nonduality, and the Perennial Wisdom Teachings.

Mind Time
 – Temporal Factor in Consciousness – Benjamin Libet, Ph.D.

Thoughts Without a Thinker – Mark Epstein, M.D.

An Alchemy of Mind – Diane Ackerman

The Seven Mysteries of Life – Guy Murchie

The Volitional Brain 
– Benjamin Libet, Ph.D. Anthony Freeman, Ph.D., Keith Sutherland, Ph.D.

Buddha’s Brain – Rick Hanson, Ph.D., and Richard Mendius, M.D.

Toward a Psychology of Awakening – John Welwood, Ph.D.

The Big Red Book – Coleman Barks
The Soul of Rumi – Coleman Barks
A Year With Rumi – Coleman Barks
Rumi. – The Book of Love – Coleman Barks
Illuminated Rumi – Michael Green

Wei Wu Wei
The Tenth Man
Fingers Pointing Towards the Moon
Open Secret
Posthumous Pieces
Unworldly Wise
All Else is Bondage
Why Lazarus Laughed
Ask the Awakened

Wu Hsin
Being Conscious Presence
Solving Yourself
Behind the Mind
Mindless Understanding
An Interlude in Eternity
Aphorisms for Thirsty Fish
Myths of Enlightenment
The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin

Alan Watts
The Book
The Wisdom of Insecurity
Become What You Are
What is Tao?

Roberts, Bernadette
What is Self?
The Christian Contemplative Journey
The Path to No-Self – SUNY – State Univ. of NY
The Experience of No Self – SUNY – State Univ. of NY

Carse, David    Perfect Brilliant Stillness

Harding,  D.E.  On Having No Head

Hedderman, Paul    Escape to Everywhere

Klein, Jean   I AM

Marshall, Bart  The Perennial Way

John Blofield – translator  The Zen Teachings of Huang Po

Nisargadatta  Seeds of Consciousness
Nisargadatta  Consciousness and the Absolute
Nisargadatta  Prior to Consciousness
Nisargadatta  The Ultimate Medicine

Krishnamurti, UG   The Mystique of Enlightenment
Krishnamurti, UG   edited Mukunda Rao
Krishnamurti, UG   Thought is Dead
Krishnamurti, UG   The Courage to Stand Alone

Segal, Suzanne     Collision with the Infinite

Rose, Richard       After the Absolute
The Albigen Papers

Parsons, Tony     Nothing Being Everything
Parsons, Tony     All There Is

Packer, Toni        The Silent Question
Packer, Toni        Wonder of Presence
Packer, Toni        Light of Discovery
Packer, Toni        Work of This Moment

Wolfe, Robert      Abiding in Nondual Awareness.

Wheeler,  John    Clear in Your Heart
Wheeler,  John    Awakening to the Natural State

Maharshi,  Ramana, Collected Works- edited Arthur Osborne

Soeng, Mu   The Diamond Sutra

Mitchell,    Stephen         Bhagavad Gita
Mitchell,    Stephen         Tao Te Ching

Balsekar,    Ramesh       Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj
Balsekar,    Ramesh       The Final Truth
Balsekar,    Ramesh       Explorations Into the Eternal

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