TAT Retreat Sept 11-12, 2021

I’m passing along this announcement for the upcoming TAT virtual retreat.  I’ll be there and I hope to see you!    Anita Avent   Love, Friendship, and the Return Home A Virtual TAT Spiritual Retreat Weekend September 11-12 2021 “Intentional self-inquiry is a conscious attempt to get congruent with what life’s trying to do for us…. Continue reading

Mindfulness and Covid-19

Interesting read…not surprising. COVID-19 has led to mental health adversities worldwide.  The current study examined whether daily practice of brief mindfulness training has a beneficial impact on affective well-being and mitigates the negative impact of exposure to COVID-19 news during the pandemic. Participants were randomly assigned into a mindfulness training (MT) group or a waitlist… Continue reading

2021 Self Inquiry-Covid Update

Update: In-person Saturday Satsangs will hopefully return in 2022 depending on Covid-19.  Our self-inquiry gatherings are for ardent pilgrims.  We discuss and explore the nature of what is self-evident, here, now.  We expose and grok the illusory nature and appearance of the personal self and rest in the spaciousness of aware presence, just this, here, now…. Continue reading

Suzanne Segal

Suzanne Segal (1955–1997) was a writer and teacher about spiritual enlightenment, known for her sudden experience of self-realization which she wrote about in her book Collision With the Infinite: A Life Beyond the Personal Self. Two years after her shift into a “sense of unity,” Segal relapsed into the uncomfortable state of constant anxiety she had first experienced. At… Continue reading

Contemplative Photography

What is contemplation?  Typing the word contemplation here eases my muscles a bit and slows my breathing.  Being still has a profound positive effect on our human biology and being still with a focus on a specific word or object slows our breathing, relaxes our muscles, and our flows our blood more easily through the… Continue reading

Who is Wei Wu Wei?

Wei Wu Wei is one of my favorite Perennial Wisdom teachers.  Getting straight to the point, he wastes no time on frills. “Why are you unhappy? Because 99.9 percent of everything you think, and of everything you do, is for yourself—and there isn’t one.”  ― Wei Wu Wei “Disciples and devotees…what are most of them doing?… Continue reading