Deep inner peace and joy are obscured for most people by shared and learned mental beliefs, stories, and thoughts of being a separate and distinct person.  We believe we are located within the concepts of time and space and we identify as being a personal self.  I believed this mental story of being a separate human for 56 years.

What I know and live now is wholeness, oneness, singularity, one without a second.  Jesus the Christ referred to this oneness as the eye being single. Believing we are separate beings is the source of all suffering.

(c) copyright Anita Avent

My focus here is pointing to the tangled relationship between the brain and the mind as each informs our beliefs, thinking patterns, and knowings. We live based on our thoughts and beliefs. I lived four decades in constant anxiety, fear, panic, and agoraphobia until 2011 when my thoughts and mental knowings were seen as a vaporous nothingness.

I live today with a peace beyond understanding. This same inner peace is available to you too once you see beyond the knowings of the mental mind.

I found the remedy to my fears and panic within the Perennial Wisdom Teachings. These ancient writings are known as the philosophia perennis, an early nineteenth-century phrase that points towards a shared universal truth that echoes within all of the world religions.  I had no idea that Jesus the Christ, the Buddha, Rumi the Poet, and Lao Tzu were all pointing towards the same infinite, edgeless, seamless, eternal Truth…we are not separate beings, there is only Oneness, a Unicity, seemingly appearing. In his Sermon on the Mount Jesus the Christ said ( Matt. 6:22, 23 ): “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

Just to drill down a bit further, we are taught as children to know “ourselves” as separate beings operating from shared, learned beliefs and concepts.  The personal self is taught to name, label, and describe appearances using mental knowings. The human brain likes comparing a “me” to a “you.”  The mental self believes it is separate from other selves and living within a tangible world of 8 billion other selves.

On the other hand, we have the capacity to perceive reality differently. This other perspective is without separation; yet noticing how “what is appearing” or, Life, is unfolding effortlessly as this edgeless, empty, unicity.  What is appearing is edgeless, seamless awareness and aliveness that is infinite, outside of a mental time and space, and is not separate and personal.  This is the unitive, oneness perspective offered by all the great sages.

Reading these essays, I encourage you to observe and listen with your heart…to intuit and feel how easily human minds create an imaginary personal self where none exists.  I know, it seems crazy.  It’s not.