Perceiving Perception

Perceiving Perception

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Perceiving Perception

Are the perceiver, the perceiving, and what is perceived, separate and discrete objects or substances?  Scientists examining perception and reality are often clueless about what is looking through their eyes since they assume their eyes are unique and individual, having never questioned what’s actually looking.  What is the nature of reality, consciousness, perception?  Are perceiving, perception, and the perceiver all the same?

Taking these questions into self-inquiry is not for the faint of heart and will challenge every concept and fact you believe so dearly, guaranteed.  Rational or relational knowledge leads scientists to believe they possess a personal consciousness and personal sense of perception. Intuition, however, points towards a greater and unknown realm of knowing which the mighty and all-knowing intellect will never access given the intellect’s relative or rational framework.

This leaves the majority of scientists clueless about their actual nature and identity, about what they really are, so their studies and observations are informed from this collection of limited relative and rational perspectives and beliefs.

The nature of perception, awareness, and consciousness is a tricky topic since the overwhelming majority of humans are certain they have a separate and personal consciousness, perception, and awareness, with most scientists agreeing.  From what i have seen directly, scientists fail to grasp that their eyes are not personal or individual eyes.  And because nearly all scientists believe they are observing reality with personal eyes, their scientific data and conclusions are based on false beliefs.

Scientists believing themselves to be an individual part of reality or consciousness skew all scientific data and conclusions about the data.  Scientists are not taking into account that what they actually are, is also what they are perceiving, and what they are perceiving with.

What we label reality is a unitive appearance of consciousness, and it is not possible to divide consciousness into seven billion little individual units of consciousness.  The widely held belief in a personal identity or personal self makes it appear as real and true, but from what i have seen, this is certainly not the case.  This belief in a separate, individual self is the root of all suffering.

There is only consciousness animating the universe even though the mind adamantly believes otherwise.

What is looking through scientists’ eyes is consciousness, and consciousness has never been separate.  The observer, the act of observing, and what is being observed are simultaneously all the same unified field of energy – consciousness.  Call it reality, call it consciousness, call it God, Source, Oneness, Universe, it makes no difference since what is beyond the relative framework can never be described in relative terms, or contained in a relative label, name, or description.  With pure observing (awareness) — the observer, the observing, and the observed are seen to be one unitive energy  – awareness – appearing as reality.

As babies and small children, nothing appears separate and discreet, they perceive all as unitive consciousness.  This is the joy expressed by toddlers and small children who do not yet believe themselves to be separate or to have separate eyes viewing the world.  As we grown into childhood, the mind revolts and asserts it’s will to continually claim ownership of a personal body, personal mind, and a personal life with personal possessions.  My children loved to shout the word “mine!”

Quantum physics is now beginning to demonstrate the mind’s claims and beliefs in separation and separateness are false, which echoes the unitive and ancient teachings of Jesus the Christ, Lao Tzu, the Buddha, Wu Hsin and other great teachers who proclaimed that there is only consciousness manifesting as form and formlessness which we call reality, the world, creation.   When seeing the folly of the mind, it becomes clear, and deeply troubling, that there is no separation between the observer and the observed.  There is only a singular, unitive, conscious energy projecting and manifesting the relative/dualistic lightness and darkness of consciousness as “I am” into forms and formlessness to know itself as itself.

True nature is beyond.

What’s looking through your eyes?


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