Shaped by Beliefs

You are not separate from the world you believe you inhabit.

The movements appearing as your body have never been initiated by a separate and personal you.  There is not a world within which you live and move. The world appears within you. There is only This.  What is.  This…here…now.

Find out Truth for yourself, by yourself, with direct, intimate experience.

All beliefs, reality, are mere assumptions and projections of an elaborate dreamscape, appearing quite tangible, real, and true. These discoveries will rock your world of perception, and cause confusion.  It can be helpful to talk with those who have walked the pathless path and seen through the brain/mind’s projections and can offer some comfort, friendship, and support.

If up are upside down and unclear about what being perceived, please send me an email and I’ll help you sort the fiction from the fiction…until you see it’s all fiction. Pilgrims who have seen behind the curtain are a wonderful source of friendship and encouragement during the passage of the dark nights of questioning the personal identity.



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