Reading List

Good books on the science of the mind, nonduality, and the perennial wisdom teachings.

Mind Time – Temporal Factor in Consciousness – Benjamin Libet, Ph.D.

Thoughts Without a Thinker – Mark Epstein, M.D.

An Alchemy of Mind – Diane Ackerman

The Seven Mysteries of Life – Guy Murchie

The Volitional Brain 
– Benjamin Libet, Ph.D. Anthony Freeman, Ph.D., Keith Sutherland, Ph.D.

Buddha’s Brain – Rick Hanson, Ph.D., and Richard Mendius, M.D.

Toward a Psychology of Awakening – John Welwood, Ph.D.

Rumi:  The Big Red Book – Coleman Barks
The Soul of Rumi – Coleman Barks
A Year With Rumi – Coleman Barks
Rumi. – The Book of Love – Coleman Barks
Illuminated Rumi – Michael Green

And these authors:

Wei Wu Wei   

The Tenth Man
Fingers Pointing Towards the Moon
Open Secret
Posthumous Pieces
Unworldly Wise
All Else is Bondage
Why Lazarus Laughed
Ask the Awakened

Wu Hsin -Being Conscious Presence  Summa Iru Publishing   2014
Wu Hsin- Solving Yourself      Summa Iru Publishing   2013
Wu Hsin -Behind the Mind     Summa Iru Publishing   2012
Wu-Hsin -Mindless Understanding    Summa Iru Publishing   2014
Wu Hsin- An Interlude in Eternity      Summa Iru Publishing   2012
Aphorisms for Thirsty Fish      Summa Iru Publishing   2011
Wu-Hsin -Myths of Enlightenment     Summa Iru Publishing   2014
The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin Summa Iru Publishing   2011

Watts,  Alan     The Book. Pantheon Book/Random House   1966
Watts, Alan     The Wisdom of Insecurity    Pantheon Book/Random House  1951
Watts,  Alan     Become What You Are   Shambhala Publications   1995
Watts,  Alan     What is Tao?   New World Library   2000

Roberts, Bernadette   What is Self?   Sentient Publications   2005
Roberts, Bernadette   The Christian Contemplative Journey   2017
Roberts, Bernadette   The Path to No-Self – SUNY – State Univ. of NY  1991
Roberts, Bernadette   The Experience of No Self – SUNY – State Univ. of NY  1993

Carse, David    Perfect Brilliant Stillness         Paragate Publishing

Harding,  D.E.  On Having No Head   Buddhist Society         1961

Hedderman, Paul        Escape to Everywhere Let It Be Publishing     2015

Klein, Jean       I AM    Third Millennium Publications               1989

Marshall, Bart    The Perennial Way      2009

Blofield – translator     John    The Zen Teachings of Huang Po                       Grove Press     1958

Nisargadatta – edits by Jean Dunn      Seeds of Consciousness                        Acorn Press     1982
Nisargadatta – edits by Jean Dunn      Consciousness and the Absolute        Acorn Press     1994
Nisargadatta – edits by Jean Dunn      Prior to Consciousness                         Acorn Press     1985
Nisargadatta – edits Robert Powell     The Ultimate Medicine           North Atlantic Books  1994

Krishnamurti,  UG       The Mystique of Enlightenment         Sentient Publications  2002
Krishnamurti, UG  – edited Mukunda Rao      The Biology of Enlightenment Harper Collins 2010
Krishnamurti, UG       Thought is Dead
Krishnamurti, UG  – edited Ellen Chrystal    The Courage to Stand Alone   Smriti Books    2001

Segal, Suzanne     Collision with the Infinite     Blue Dove Press          1996

Parsons, Tony     Nothing Being Everything      Open Secret Publishing          2007
Parsons, Tony     All There Is    Open Secret Publishing          2003

Packer, Toni        The Silent Question     Shambhala Publications         2007
Packer, Toni        Wonder of Presence    Shambhala Publications         2002
Packer, Toni        Light of Discovery        Shambhala Publications         1995
Packer, Toni        Work of This Moment  Shambhala Publications        1990

Wolfe, Robert      Abiding in Nondual Awareness.   Katina Library Press           2014

Wheeler,          John    Clear in Your Heart                             Nonduality Press    2010
Wheeler,          John    Awakening to the Natural State        Nonduality Press    2004

Maharshi,       Ramana, Collected Works- edited Arthur Osborne   Sophia Perennis 2006

Soeng,  Mu      The Diamond Sutra     Wisdom Publications  2000

Mitchell,           Stephen           Bhagavad Gita – Random House         2000
Mitchell,           Stephen           Tao Te Ching – Harper and Row          1988

Balsekar,          Ramesh           Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj Acorn Press     1982
Balsekar,          Ramesh           The Final Truth                                    Advaita Press     1989
Balsekar,          Ramesh           Explorations Into the Eternal               Acorn Press     1987


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