Believing you are a person with a brain/mind who thinks and understands that nothing can be known or understood is not the same as realizing there is no one and no brain/mind to think or understand, or not think or not understand.

And…it’s not possible to lose your brain/mind as you don’t have a brain/mind to lose. Perhaps the idea that you are a separate being with a personal brain/mind will be seen as the misperception it is.

Of course, seeing this…intense fear often arises…which is the egoic brain/mind at work creating and reinforcing the sense of being an individual self, reasserting itself, not wanting to yield to the appearances of an infinite and edgeless aware presence.

Yet, the ego can’t choose its own annihilation. Thankfully, it’s not up to “the you you believe you are” to correct this misperception. The only pathless path, if there could be a path at all, is radical acceptance, self inquiry, and surrender to what is.

Thinking…simply…appears…uncaused, just like breathing, just like clouds appearing upon a vast sky. Thinking is not a problem. Believing thoughts to be real and belonging to a you is what brings suffering.

Simply notice thoughts passing as you notice clouds passing, without any attachment or need to claim them as yours. Thoughts have never belonged to you or to anyone else any more than clouds belong to you or the sky.