Awakening to the true nature of all appearances, of beingness, appeared in 2011 and the beliefs of existing as a personal self named Anita slowly faded.  All the words and phrases of the English language were not adequate to speak of this timeless, edgeless, seamless beingness, this vastness of nothing appearing as everything.

The writings on this site reflect my devotion to and practice of the Perennial Wisdom Teachings. These ancient teachings impact how I navigate the world, how I think and feel.  The Perennial Wisdom Teachings are an early nineteenth-century phrase pointing to the falseness of a separate and personal self. These teachings opened and shifted my thinking, my observations, and my gut reactions to life itself.  Eventually, in December 2011, the relative beliefs about what I am, about life, about what is appearing, dissolved into an infinite and edgeless pool of infinite love and surrender.

I offer here essays, contemplative photography, writings and essays reflecting the core truths woven through all the major religions of the world which point to the non-existence of a separate and personal self. I hope you uncover all that holds you apart from the deep intimate peace and love you already are but have forgotten.


Only he who loses his life will find it.  – Jesus of Nazareth

The essential understanding is that in reality, nothing is. This is so obvious that it is not perceived.
Wei Wu Wei

Whoever discovers the true meaning of these sayings will never die: Let the seeker not stop seeking until he finds. And when he finds, he will be greatly troubled. And after he has been troubled, he will be astonished, and he will reign over the All. -Jesus of Nazareth (Gospel of Thomas)

Here is just emptiness. There is no getting my ego out of the way, and all that stuff. There is just seeing, shining in great brilliance and clarity.  –  Douglas Harding

The ultimate mystery of being is beyond all categories of thought. Joseph Campbell

The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me: my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.  – Meister Eckhart


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