Hello and welcome! Though this site appears small and innocuous it packs a wallop to the personal self you believe yourself to be. This personal identity trap just happens…society, educators, families, traditions, and our dualistic language teach us we are separate from each other. What we appear to be…is not what we truly are.

The human brain is programmed to spew all manner of beliefs, concepts, and intriguing tidbits but not to a separate or personal you. Seeing, hearing, tasting, touching – all perceiving and sensating is mental in nature even if biological in truth. What is is an appearance of edgeless, seamless, uncaused, no-thing-ness appearing, reflecting, and refracting as aware presence, as consciousness, dreaming a dream of itself.

Time, space, birth, death, exist only as concepts and beliefs…inquire deeply and earnestly and see what you are, here, now, this moment…edgeless, seamless, timeless aware presence…consciousness. You’ve never been a separate self.  This is the paradoxical wisdom Jesus the Christ, the Buddha, and the great sages were pointing to.  Curious?  Keep reading…



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