Nonduality Feels Like…

What we really are is already present, here, now, as this aware presence, this impersonal consciousness. Of course, this is not what we imagine ourselves to be. We’ve never been separate and the you that you believe you are is actually impersonal consciousness appearing as the body you call yours. It’s the same for all appearances of life.

I write to describe awakening, how it feels, what it looks and feels like, and the blocks to seeing how simple it is. You might see this site as a simple roadmap for discovering and seeing what you really are, not what you have been told by others or what you think you are.

You may not believe this…you actually are the pure presence of impersonal awareness. Actually the light behind the eyes, what is seeing, is self-aware, has always been self-aware…but it’s never been personal even though it feels so intimate. The brain/mind so habitually consumes the subject/object concept it cannot believe there is only this aware presence experiencing presence itself.

Our original identity, our natural state, appears so effortlessly and intimately as aware beingness we simply overlook this aware presence, this beingness…believing instead the appearance of an external world of subjects and objects projected by the brain/mind with us at the center as the perceiver, the me, the I.


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